We always put Glow Worm before self. We commit to the plans we make, the things we do and each other. We don’t jump ship when things get tough.


We live and work with an abundance mindset. We derive deep joy from giving more of ourselves. We do what it takes to help each other, our clients and communities.


We consistently carry the courage of our conviction and a willingness to be vulnerable. We are comfortable with ourselves and our presence creates comfort for those around us.


We connect through free and frank self-disclosure. We are curious and interested in new people and perspectives. We have no tolerance for pretense or posturing.

Valuing Relationships

We value deep long-lasting social bonds. We build, nurture and sustain relationships at work and in life. We never take people for granted.

Inner Work

We are resilient and engage in regular, honest self-reflection. We take concrete actions towards personal and professional self-improvement. We seek and accept help rather than walk the path alone.


We trust before being trusted. We respect where every client is in their journey. We make a place and people our own.


We are honest and transparent in all our dealings. We hold ourselves and each other accountable to do the right thing. When in doubt, we speak up rather than stay quiet.